Aubameyang offers to return and play for free. and Barcelona responds

Aubameyang wants to leave the Premier League and return to Barcelona if possible. And according to AS newspaper, the Gabonese striker offered himself to the Blaugrana club to help the team in the event of the departure of Memphis Depay in the current January transfers.

Aubameyang will do everything he can to formalize his comeback. He would even be willing to play almost for free as he realizes he was wrong to leave this summer.

Aubameyang’s return to the Premier League has been a failure and the striker is uncomfortable with either Chelsea or his coach. Everything indicates that it is an irreversible situation despite the investment made by the English team this summer and viable solutions are being sought for all parties.

The striker has asked to leave and Joao Felix’s signing for Chelsea is being interpreted as the final chapter in his stay at the London club.

From here, the player transferred to Barcelona his desire to return. He understands the delicate situation at the club’s salary level and would be willing to charge the minimum salary Barcelona could charge based on his departure from Memphis.

Chelsea have also made it clear that they will not pay him a single euro of his salary from January to June if the striker goes on loan.

Aubameyang, who was very psychologically affected at Chelsea, can only play for Barcelona for the next six months, after he has already played an official match this season with the Blaugrana club and also played in the English Premier League, so he cannot play in a third club.

In Barcelona’s sports administration, they interpret the situation more as a player’s desire than a market priority at the moment, in addition to the fact that the regulations may prevent him from playing because it is the third record in one season. Everything is being analyzed, but the club will use the salary margin Memphis Depay can leave for other types of deals.

We’ll have to see what happens in the next few days because Barcelona aren’t clear on whether Memphis Depay will go to Atletico Madrid or some other destination.

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