Frenkie de Jong finds an unexpected enemy inside Barcelona: “His great friend betrayed him”

Frenkie de Jong’s future is one of the great mysteries that Barcelona will have to solve. Because it is not known what will happen to him, after Juan Laporta and Matteo Alemani pressured him to pack his bags during the past summer. He was the player chosen to lower the wage bill, and left a large sum of money in the treasury after he was sold. They came to accept an offer from Manchester United.

The English have put nearly 80 million euros on the table for the 25-year-old midfielder, who rejected the idea of ​​reuniting him with Erik ten Hag, his former coach at Ajax Amsterdam.

As much as they threatened him with losing his chance as a starting player, and warned him that he would have a secondary role, Frenkie did not want to leave the Camp Nou. Based on work and perseverance, he reversed the deeply troubling situation in which he was mired.

Because he was a regular substitute, and Xavi Hernandez stopped counting on him. However, he stepped back and brought the Dutchman back into the starting line-up, who responded with an impressive performance, and went into the World Cup in Qatar feeling untouchable.

Specifically, the Catalan coach is once again a great defender of Frenkie de Jong, and he has asked the board of directors not to negotiate his departure, as he has full confidence in his physical and technical qualities.

On the other hand, there is another person who agrees to his departure from Barcelona. Because Jordi Cruyff, son of the legend Johan Cruyff, and currently the club’s sporting director, advised Laporta not to listen to the coach, and put De Jong up for sale.

A betrayal as painful as it was unexpected, considering that in the past he was a huge supporter of the Netherlands international, who considered him a safe bet and an important signing.

He recommended signing him, but appears to have changed his mind, and now has no doubts that the best they can do is put him on the transfer list.

Aware of what was going on, de Jong had no problem criticizing the board for trying to sell him without consulting him beforehand, and he spoke well of Xavi, realizing that he was responsible for his staying in the boat.

De Jong said: “I blame these people (management), but I have nothing to do with them. Yes, for me they are Barcelona because they run it. I don’t see them when I’m at the club during my daily routine. Xavi is right, he left open the possibility of me leaving because he never said ‘Frenky should stay’. But I don’t blame Xavi. I never felt that Xavi was against me and I think it was difficult for him to talk about all this.

Source: El Nacional

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  1. Dear staff af our lovely club don’t do mistake of selling this talent young player F de far us i am concerned he is an important player in club

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