Weghorst responds to Messi: “Now he knows my name”

Wott Wieghorst, after the Turkish Cup match with his team, Besiktas, talked about Lionel Messi and recalled the confrontation that took place between them after the end of the World Cup quarter-final match between the Netherlands and Argentina.

Wieghurst was the protagonist with two goals in the last moments of the match that went into extra time and the subsequent penalty shootout, which ended in favor of Argentina. About that, Weghorst said: “I fought Messi and there were some moments between us. I think we surprised them. But I respect him very much. He is the best, or one of the best players in history.

The Dutch striker also scored last Wednesday in the match between Besiktas and Sanliurfaspor, which is a match similar to the World Cup, where his team was forced to come back from two goals behind, this time with a happy ending and a big victory, with a score of 4-2.

Weghorst and Messi left us one of the most famous snapshots of the World Cup in Qatar, where the Argentine got angry at the Dutch player and did not hesitate in front of the cameras, describing him as “stupid.”

The Dutchman was asked about this controversial situation that occurred at the World Cup, and he replied, “I wanted to pay my respects to him after the match, but he was unwilling. Well, I take it as a nice compliment because now he knows my name. It means I did something right.”

Wighurst plays for Besiktas on loan from English second-division club Burnley.

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