5 players at the gates of Barcelona.. ​​and the decision is within a month

The next few weeks at Barcelona are exciting and crucial as he plays in three competitions. Although the league will not be decided throughout January, it will be key for Xavi’s side to continue topping the table.

Regarding the Spanish Super Cup, there is no doubt that in Saudi Arabia, Xavi can add his first title off the bench if he wins two matches in four days. In the King’s Cup, we will have the round of 16 and quarter-finals.

Faced with a scenario of this level, we must remember that in the Barcelona first team, there are up to five players whose contract expires in June 2023.

This means that from next January 1, they will be free to negotiate with other clubs. no strings attached. In most cases they are completely different contexts. We will try to analyze the status of each of them.

Marcos Alonso

Tentatively, he only signed a one-year contract. If the club’s coffers and economic situation had been “normal”, he would have signed for at least three seasons. In any case, the staff and Barcelona in general are satisfied with his performance and versatility (we saw him as a center back and full back). His contract renewal is already being worked on and should not be postponed.

Hector Bellerin

His situation is completely different from Alonso’s. He did not succeed in convincing anyone. And when Xavi pushed him in matches, he made some mistakes or saw him far from his best level.

Hector has taken advantage of these months to tune in, and in the coming weeks he has the opportunity to impress the coaches and try to win the renewal. Some are indicating that he would like to return to Real Betis in July.

Sergi Roberto

He’s been gone for a long time, but the truth is, he can hold on. We appreciate his versatility and regularity and who knows if he’ll sign another Barcelona renewal soon. The last time was for a year, and despite the fact that injuries weighed him down again, one should not rule out a renewal for another year.

It will largely depend on his performance in these first two months of 2023. He needs to stabilize and gain continuity. He participated in 573 minutes, scoring two goals and making two assists.

Sergio Busquets

After retiring from the national team, Busquets must decide whether to extend his contract for six months or for one season (which, in principle, could please Xavi) or take the last step by leaving for the United States. Inter Miami is waiting for him.

Memphis Day

There is no option to continue. He was almost invisible to Xavi, he was injured in the last few weeks before the World Cup, traveled to Qatar and was available from the first moment. It would be rare for him to decide to leave in January, as leaving him free in July would fetch him a more expensive contract.

With Lewandowski being punished, he could be of some importance. Xavi welcomes his presence.

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