Barcelona is preparing to submit an official complaint to FIFA against Uruguay

Barcelona has asked the Uruguay Football Association not to force its center back, Ronald Araujo, to participate with his country’s national team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Barcelona considers the Uruguayan federation to be alarmingly accelerating Ronald Araujo’s recovery process, putting his long-term development at risk.

It is noteworthy that Ronald Araujo suffered a serious injury, a defect in the tendon of the long muscle in the right thigh, in the first minute of a friendly match against Iran with the Uruguay national team.

Before joining the Uruguay national team in Qatar, Barcelona and the Uruguayan FA reached an agreement and agreed that Araujo would form part of the group to unite and remain integrated with his country’s international players, but that he would always remain under the supervision and guidance of two physiotherapists from FC Barcelona.

In other words, it will be the professionals sent by the club to Qatar to continue Ronald’s recovery process who will set the work guidelines.

However, the two doctors found that they were unable to carry out their work in accordance with the recovery guidelines that had been established by agreement between club and country.

Even more disturbing is that the Uruguayan federation chose to speed up this process and impose the standards that were set for Araujo to overcome the injury after the best specialist in the world, Dr. Lassi Lambinen, took charge of the surgery.

Barcelona fears that the good recovery work carried out so far by the club’s medical services, following the guidelines agreed with Lambienen, is at risk. Moreover, by forcing him to do so, Ronald Araujo’s eventual recovery is in jeopardy. Hence, he chose to ask the Uruguayan Federation to respect the work and standards of the club’s medical directors once again.

If the Uruguayan Football Association insists on not honoring the agreement it reached with Barcelona and forcing Araujo to recover so that he is available to coach Diego Alonso, then Barcelona is willing to take the case to FIFA.

Uruguay opens its World Cup campaign in Qatar on Thursday the 24th against South Korea. The South American team is drawn up in Group H along with the Asian national team, Portugal and Ghana.

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