Barcelona responds to Frenkie de Jong’s serious accusation

Enrique Masip, advisor to the Barcelona president and member of the Sports Committee, responded to Frenkie de Jong’s “dangerous” accusation of some Catalan club leaders, led by, of course, Joan Laporta.

De Jong had accused Juan Laporta, veiledly, of trying to sell him in the summer and leaking his contract to the press during an interview with the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf in Qatar, where he is preparing for the World Cup with his country.

De Jong said: “I am very happy at Barcelona. When I play it’s amazing and in terms of living here, life is perfect. I see myself in Barcelona for as long as possible. Personally, I hope it lasts another eight or ten years.

He added, “One day, a newspaper published details of my contract. I didn’t leak those details and only one other party knows about it, so it’s almost certainly the club who did it.

And he ended: “I found it very disturbing that the club would do this, but it did not affect me. I blame these people [those who wanted him gone from Barcelona], but I have nothing to do with them. Yes, they are Barcelona to me because they lead the club. But I don’t see them when I’m in the club. I have nothing to do with them in my daily life.”

Barcelona responds

In response to these accusations, Enrique Masip said on his Twitter account: “Laporta is the one who fought the most for De Young’s continuation in Barcelona and never thought of selling him – never … even with the club’s sensitive [financial] situation.”

And he added, “I can say, knowing the facts, that the person who most defended the continuation of Frenkie de Jong was one person with the first and last name: Juan Laporta.”

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