Barcelona’s controversial tweet after Messi’s goal in the World Cup final

With the entire footballing planet looking forward to the World Cup Final in Qatar, FC Barcelona took part in covering the match between Argentina and France via its social media accounts.

A tweet from Barcelona’s Twitter account as soon as Lionel Messi scored the penalty goal that put Argentina ahead of France caused a social media buzz.

In the tweet that was posted through the club’s official Twitter account, two symbols were placed, one for football and the other for the Argentine flag, which sparked a lot of controversy.

Many Barcelona fans were angry at the Catalan club’s celebration of the Argentine goal, while it currently does not have any players in the ranks of the Latin national team, while the French national team, on the other hand, includes two of its most prominent players, Ousmane Dembele and Conde.

Angry responses like “Respect the French players who play for Barcelona…”, “What are you doing! Celebrating a goal from Argentina when you don’t have any Argentines in the team? What a pathetic club”, “We have two players in France and there are no players for us in Argentina, this is a joke from the club” …

In contrast to the criticism he received for this tweet, Barcelona also got support from other fans who celebrated the initiative and called for Messi’s return to the Camp Nou. “Take Messi back to Barcelona”, “Take him back, please.”

Source: Mundo Deportivo

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