Days prove that Xavi was right when he rejected the poisoned signing

When signing a player, you obviously have to look at his footballing qualities. You will not bring in someone who is not at a level enough to compete with your team. But, more than that, it is necessary to know this player’s personality.

It is essential to have players with perfect behavior on the pitch and there are times, whether due to pressure or any other issue, that players forget that football is a team game.

The ambition and exactingness of some players when they are competing at a high level and results don’t come in can sometimes hurt the rest of their teammates. The big stars always tend to win, but when they don’t, they misbehave.

Is it nice to have a world class player, but in many matches, he ends up being sent off or has bad behaviour? Well, for that reason, Xavi Hernandez breathes easy, because he didn’t want a signing at Barcelona, ​​and more recently, he’s proven to be a controversial player.

After leaving Barcelona in 2017, Neymar has been on the verge of returning on more than one occasion. The Brazilian realizes that his departure from Barcelona was not a good decision, but despite this he is still a player in Paris Saint-Germain after five years, with the aim of winning the Champions League again.

The signing of Leo Messi by the Parisians and the exploitation of Kylian Mbappe led to the disappearance of the star of the Brazilian winger. Neymar is not as decisive as he used to be, and he continues to cause problems.

The most recent of these, the sending off he saw in PSG’s last match, in which they won 2-1 against Strasbourg in stoppage time. In this match, the Brazilian striker did not finish the match, and it was not due to injury. In the 62nd minute, Neymar was sent off for two yellow collars.

In fact, as AS points out, in France they suspect Neymar after this sending off, which he saw on Wednesday, because they believe he deliberately picked up a second yellow card for missing the match that the Parisians will play on January 1 and in this way, he can return to Brazil. To celebrate New Year’s Eve.

On more than one occasion, especially for his sister’s birthday dates, Neymar has always been absent or suspended and there is speculation that he deliberately got this sent off.

Neymar continues to accumulate controversies and continues to hide a stellar career in which his behavior increasingly stands out more than his athletic performance. In this sense, Barcelona was about to buy him back, and seeing how the Brazilian was developing, Xavi Hernandez breathed a sigh of relief, because he thought he would cause trouble in the dressing room.

Source: El Nacional

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