Eric Garcia: “Why wasn’t what Vinicius told me and what he did with me in El Clasico not revealed?!”

At 21 years old, he has already trained under the three Barcelona coaches adored by the fans. Eric Garcia is a pupil of Luis Enrique and Xavi in ​​the same way he was with Pep Guardiola. But the shirt that interests us in the days of the World Cup in November is the Spanish national team shirt.

With the match against Japan on the next page of Spain’s agenda, Eric Garcia will be the guest on Radio Marca in Doha. It is clear from the conversation that the young centre-back has not only precocious talent, but also a well-furnished head and a great sense of humor.

Spain has not seen Garcia with a good eye yet? “If that happens, I think it is my fault above all. I think I’m in much better shape than I was last year. I came from a difficult year at City because I didn’t play, I got out of rhythm and now I feel good.

Were we “bastards” with you?: “I prefer to respond in private (laughs). In the end, it’s your job, to comment on what’s happening on the field in a rather gruff manner, but what I can do is try to give my best when I’m playing. I don’t read any journalism honestly. But there is always something that comes to you by chance.”

To whom to turn: “First and foremost to my family. I talk a lot with my parents and I have a psychiatrist, but the strategy is not to over-comment and avoid criticism.”

Why can Spain win the World Cup? “The first thing is that we are here, for example Italy is not here. Then we have a team with a very big lead in terms of playing and competing, we saw that against Germany. We can be there, above all, because we are one of the strongest teams.”

What is the best in Spain? “If I’m honest, I see everything I’ve seen so far in the World Cup, on the level of play I’ve never seen a team like us. Also with factors like pressure or your teammates coming off the bench. It could mean that we can compete against any team even taking into account the idiosyncrasies of teams like France or Argentina with Mbappe or Messi.”

What do you think of Javi?: “He’s a very affectionate person. I’m lucky to have him in Barcelona and I love him so much. When he enters the stadium he turns. The guy doesn’t care, he always comes in with intensity, we saw him against Goretzka, and he’s a solid player. On the field he dies for his teammates, I hope to have 11 players like Javi on the field.

I mocked Vinicius when I told him he was close to the Ballon d’Or: “Yes, I already told him. The press talked about her a lot after the match.

“What pissed me off the most was that, in the last Clasico match at the Bernabéu, he also came to tell me something, the cameras filmed it but they didn’t publish it. I will not say what he told me, he is a great player and I have no problems with him, but I wonder why the press did not talk about it like it happened to me.

Source: Marca

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