Four Barcelona players didn’t congratulate Messi after winning the World Cup.. and each had a different reason

The football world turned upside down with congratulatory messages to the Argentine national team, especially Lionel Messi, after winning the World Cup in Qatar. Finally, the Paris Saint-Germain player was able to fulfill his dream, winning the only title he had never achieved before.

Now Messi can retire peacefully, and there is no longer any excuse not to put him on the same level as Diego Armando Maradona and Pele, and consider him the best of all time.

Even Barcelona boasted about him through their social networks, posting an endless amount of posts and messages of pride for their captain and former great star.

Barcelona fans also supported the 35-year-old striker throughout the tournament, and all the players on the team paid tribute to him publicly. But there is the exception of four players who have not, starting with Marc-Andre ter Stegen.

The German goalkeeper showed no sign of being happy for his former team-mate, and as we all know, they ended up running into each other.

During a training session, the German goalkeeper confronted his fellow seven-time Ballon d’Or winner, to reprimand him for his behavior with Ricky Puig, who at the time did not belong to the first team. This caused their relationship to fall apart, and they never resumed it, nor did they attempt to.

Moreover, it has been speculated that one of Messi’s non-negotiable conditions for returning to Barcelona is the departure of the former Borussia Mönchengladbach goalkeeper.

Similarly, two other players currently playing in Xavi Hernandez’s squad who remained silent after Argentina’s victory are Memphis Depay and Frenkie de Jong. In the case of the first player, this is understandable, because they did not even participate in the dressing room at the Camp Nou.

Yes, the most surprising thing is that the 25-year-old midfielder (Frenky de Jong) didn’t say anything, but everything has a reason. And it is that they do not forgive the behavior of the Argentine players after their victory over the Netherlands on penalties, and throughout the confrontation, which caused a lot of tension and caused a fight.

Finally we have Ansu Fati who did not comment on this or congratulate Messi. Although both of them showed good chemistry when the Guinean Spaniard broke into Barcelona’s first team, everything changed with time.

Who knows if it was due to jealousy or other things, but everything exploded when the 20-year-old decided to part ways with Jorge Messi, his agent and father of Lionel, to join the company of Jorge Mendes.

Source: El Nacional

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