Luis Enrique: “There is a campaign against two Barcelona players in the World Cup”

Luis Enrique left the match between Spain and Germany with a bittersweet aftertaste. Happy to maintain the lead, although he regrets that his team was unable to maintain the victory as the match ended in a 1-1 draw. The coach gave great value to being “a leader in the group of death and we depend on ourselves.”

Enrique saw the “first half” as better, although later we lacked a little confidence to think we could do them more damage. In the second half we didn’t control it.

Luis Enrique was asked about the anniversary of his deceased daughter, and he said: “It was a special day for my family. We thought of living normally. Our daughter is not physically there, but she is present every single day. We laughed. We thought about how she would act in so many things that happen to us. This is life and it is not all beautiful things.

The coach responded to Morata’s annoyance, saying: “All players deserve to play, without exception. Morata is at an exceptional moment in terms of form, with some physical problems. It gives us a lot of assurance. He contributes a lot, when he plays he always adds value to us.”

Among the names, the coach said that Jordi Alba is “a player at the highest level, just like Busquets, it is a campaign against them and it is normal, people are tired of veterans.”

He added, “I play with them because they are amazing. Jordi Alba is the best left-back in the world in the last third of the field, just like Busquets, they have been trying to make him retire for many years. I hope we can convince him to participate in the World Cup finals again.”

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