Real Madrid wins the race of Endrick and Barcelona responds with a more attractive signing

The Catalan newspaper, Sport, said that Real Madrid won the race to sign the emerging Brazilian talent, Endrick, after Barcelona withdrew after learning of the high financial demands of Palmeiras.

And the same newspaper says that Barcelona will respond to this deal with another, more attractive deal, without high risks in the offensive line, and characterized by young age, effectiveness and European news.

Here is the Sport report:

Barcelona has on the table the possibility of contracting with Youssef Moukoko, the talented Borussia Dortmund striker, who played in the World Cup when he was only eighteen years old.

The Blaugrana believed that it could win the services of the German player and withdrew from the competition for the Brazilian Endrick, who signed for Real Madrid, believing that this would be a more attractive process.

Mokoko’s contract expires on June 30, and he did not renew his contract, and at FC Barcelona they know that he wants to sign, but there must be consensus among all parties to activate the deal.

Moukoko is one of the Bundesliga’s greatest talents emerging. He exploded this season with six goals and four assists, which helped him become a regular with the German national team.

He is a real diamond and a more effective player than Endrick and his adaptation to European football, which is why Barcelona has always considered him a priority option in the event of betting on signing a young player in attacking positions.

FC Barcelona studied signing with Endrick in various meetings with his agents who visited Barcelona on a regular basis, and the Brazilian was also invited to visit the facilities and talk with Xavi, but the club backed down when he learned of the high price required. They consider this to be a very high risk in an economically difficult time, which is why no firm offer has been made.

In the case of Mokoko, Barcelona have been studying the process in parallel with Indrik’s and here are criteria that make it more desirable. The first thing is that it will come at no cost, although that could also mean a high salary due to the tremendous quality of the player.

It also affects the fact that the player has been a big fan of Barcelona and a fan of Leo Messi since he was young. His social media posts make it clear that he will see a dream come true when he will be able to play at the Camp Nou.

The process is also not easy because there are many clubs who have approached the player’s agents and Chelsea would be willing to pay a fortune to get the young star.

Despite everything, they at Barcelona understand that the player only prioritizes either to renew with Borussia Dortmund or in the event of a departure, and to do so towards the Camp Nou as long as he is given sufficient sporting guarantees.

He is in a growth phase and does not want to remain stagnant and knows he will have formidable competition at Barcelona, ​​while at Dortmund his place is more than guaranteed. In Germany, they take it almost for granted that he will end up staying even though he could renew his exit clause à la Haaland.

Be that as it may, there is a debate in Barcelona about whether to sign more young players because the team already has enough young players.

There is no doubt about Mukoko’s sporting quality and the personal reports are also good, but in the sports field it is also evident that maybe a more experienced profile would be better if the team was finally strengthened offensively. There are interesting no-cost options that are also being considered and a decision will be made.

What seems very clear is that Barcelona will strengthen the attacking position next summer. They don’t have Memphis and they think it would be nice to sign a top scorer to accompany Lewandowski.

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