Messi decides to return the favor to Nasser Al-Khulaifi after winning the World Cup in Qatar

Messi is already world champion with Argentina, a title he has fought for throughout his career. He was so focused on the World Cup in Qatar that he had already warned, before heading to Doha, that he did not want to talk about his immediate future at club level: neither the renewal with Paris Saint-Germain, nor the hypothetical return to Barcelona nor the possibility of an exit towards the American League. .

He froze everything about his future and said in March: “After the World Cup, I will rethink many things.” Once the goal is achieved and once you have a well-deserved rest, it’s time to start thinking about everything.

Paris Saint-Germain, despite the Argentine’s plans, did not want to wait until after the World Cup to negotiate with Messi, one of the most prominent pioneers of the new Parisian project.

The Qatari-owned entity bet heavily on him when Barcelona reneged at the last minute on the contract they had previously agreed upon. To save him after that blow is beautiful and something that Leo appreciates and continues to appreciate very positively for Nasser Al-Khelaifi.

Whatever happens, there is a firm will that the relationship between the two parties continues to be cordial and command the utmost respect. In short, Messi is grateful for the favor that Paris Saint-Germain gave him when his crisis with Barcelona occurred.

The idea of ​​​​the president, Nasser Al-Khulaifi, is to ensure the continuity of the player, and although he respected the pace imposed by Leo, there have already been moves aimed at laying the foundations for future negotiations. The person in charge of those negotiations is Luis Campos.

The French club’s sports advisor held during the months preceding the appointment in Qatar the occasional meeting in which, as Leo Messi expressly requested, no kind of negotiation was entered into, but a possible roadmap was drawn up just in case: when the time comes, the striker’s will is to keep His relationship with Paris Saint-Germain and to continue playing at the highest level in France.

In this sense, Messi stressed the possibility of extending his current contract, which expires on June 30, to one season in addition to another optional one.

This wording, which will be used later in going into detail with the content of the agreement, has changed towards a specific two-year option. Of course Messi wants to retain the freedom to unilaterally decide his future at the end of the first season.

Optimism in Paris

Feelings in the Parisian club are good, and optimism is spreading about the renewal of the Argentine contract. They were already ahead of the World Cup, but Leo’s performance and run in Doha added to the positive perceptions. Leo has shown that he is in exceptional physical shape and wants to continue competing at the highest level.

In this sense, he has already achieved all the goals a footballer can dream of and it is time for him, beyond the demands he has experienced throughout his career, to enjoy football in the most playful sense of the word.

All this, in addition to the good relationship he has with Al-Khelaifi, and his desire to win the Champions League again, allowed the club to believe that Leo would continue to play in Paris.

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