After he is close to play in Saudi Arabia.. SPORT reminds Ronaldo of what he said about Xavi in ​​2016

Cristiano Ronaldo, according to the newspaper “Marca”, will play for the Saudi club Al-Nasr, starting in January, when, according to the same information, he will receive about 200 million euros salary per season.

Not so long ago, in 2016, Cristiano Ronaldo underestimated Xavi Hernandez because he played for Qatar’s Al Sadd. The Portuguese did not like some of the statements made by the Barcelona coach today, in which he confirmed that Messi is the best soccer player in the world.

Xavi did not hesitate to praise the Argentine, who was his teammate for many years and about whom he said, without intending to criticize Cristiano, that “Messi’s mental and physical speed is unbeatable. Cristiano is an elite player and at the level he has done he must be smart, but his bad luck is that he came at the time of Messi. There is no point in comparing and everyone sees it, unless you are from Real Madrid.

The Real Madrid player at the time, who has long called himself the best player in the world, responded harshly and contemptuously to Xavi: “I am the most searched player on the Internet. When Xavi talks about me, he is looking for publicity. He won it all, but never the Ballon d’Or. I have three. He plays in Qatar. I don’t even know if he’s still playing.”

After all these things Cristiano Ronaldo will surely play in Saudi Arabia his final years as a professional just like the Xavi he despised in 2016.

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