Luis Enrique already has an agreement with his new club after leaving Spain national team: «A fierce opponent to Barcelona»

Disappointment after the Spanish national team was excluded from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is the dominant feeling among those who trusted the combination and leadership of Luis Enrique. Especially after La Roja made his debut in the tournament with a crushing victory against Costa Rica (7-0).

Now is the time to go back to Madrid, draw conclusions and make decisions. And although no one spoke about the future of the national team, everything indicated that Luis Enrique left the post of coach.

“This is not the time to draw any conclusions,” said Luis Enrique after the defeat by Morocco in the round of 16. It’s a sad time, I’m in no hurry. I want to go home. I take it simply, when the federation president sees the right time, we will talk about the future.”

He added, “If it were up to me, I would follow all my life in the national team, but you don’t have to think about me only. You have to think about what is good for everyone.”

He continued, “The national team will even have time to play again. My contract ends. I am so glad, if it were up to me, with the affection I received from the Chief and Molina, that I would continue here for the rest of my life. I have to think about what is best not only for Luis Enrique, but for the federation.”

Meanwhile, the federation’s sports director, José Francisco Molina, did not comment on Luis Enrique’s future: “We understand that now we are very disappointed, we will return to Madrid and make the decision that must be taken. Will it take long? I do not know. We will decide what is best for everyone.”

However, all the rumors point in the same direction. Several sources say that Luis Enrique will not continue. The coach has a contract with the Spanish Football Federation until the end of December.

Although his departure from the Spain national team does not mean that he will disappear from the map. Luis Enrique is eager to get back to training at a club. The former Barcelona coach prefers continuous work. Not to mention that he would earn a much larger salary than he was earning as coach of the Spanish national team. And he has a destination where all those doors open for him.

According to some information that has been consulted, Luis Enrique has already spoken about his future as coach of Atletico Madrid. Depending on Diego Simeone’s results, Luis Enrique will take over from the Argentine coach, who is said to be nearing the end of his project.

Source: El Nacional

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