Neymar takes a shocking decision

Brazil’s elimination against Croatia may come with an unexpected result: After Tite’s departure, Neymar could leave the national team for a few months, according to L’Equipe newspaper, which indicated that the striker was emotionally affected and would consider moving away from the national team for a while.

After being excluded from the World Cup, Neymar has already shown his doubts about his ability to participate in the next World Cup: “Now it would be rash to say something, but I cannot guarantee that I will be in the 2026 World Cup with the national team either.”

In this case, Neymar’s decision will be short-term: to break contact with the national team for a while in order to focus on his club. An initiative that does not mean his final farewell to Brazil, but it will allow him to get away from the pressure of always being in the spotlight with Brazil.

There are other precedents for big stars taking a break from the national team. The last of which is the decision of Leo Messi, who announced his decision not to participate with Argentina in 2016, and after six years he will play the World Cup final with his team. This Sunday will be against France’s Mbappe, who beat Morocco in the other semi-final.

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