Unexpected decision from Messi if he wins World Cup 2022 with Argentina

The future of the Argentina national team depends largely, if not entirely, on Lionel Messi. The former Barcelona star and current Paris Saint-Germain star is the best in his country and the leader. If he is good, Lionel Scaloni’s squad is also good, but if he fails, Argentina fails.

Messi’s future will also largely depend on what happens at the World Cup in Qatar. The Argentine national team reached the semi-finals, and the semi-finals will be played on Tuesday night against Croatia, the current world runner-up. Everyone will look to Messi to see the great things he can do.

It must be said that Argentina are the favorites to play in the final, but they are also the favorites to win the title. However, we will have to pay attention to the role that Luka Modric’s Croatia can play and also who could be the other finalist: whether it be the French team, world champions, or Morocco, the dark horse of the tournament.

Everything will be decided between Tuesday, when Argentina-Croatia will play, on Wednesday, with France and Morocco, and on Sunday, with the Grand Final.

More and more information points to an unexpected decision by Messi if he ends up winning the World Cup. He has already lost the final in 2014 and the World Cup is the only major title he hasn’t won. For the Argentines, Messi can finally reach the level of Diego Armando Maradona if he lifts the World Cup in Qatar wearing the captain’s armband.

What will happen if Argentina wins the World Cup in Qatar is not yet known, but speculation is growing that it may be time for Messi’s final farewell to the Tango national team.

He had already made an attempt to retire from international football with the Argentine national team in 2016, after being constantly and unjustifiably criticized by his countrymen, but ended up making a comeback. And after the Copa America is lifted in 2021, the next big title could be the World Cup.

Therefore, Messi may permanently retire from the Argentine national team on Sunday if he ends up lifting the trophy at Lusail Stadium. She will be the third star for Argentina after winning the 1978 and 1986 championships, and with her will be the seal confirming everywhere that Messi is the best soccer player in the history of soccer.

Source: El Nacional

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